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Region Arts Showcase - Recycled (July 2018)

We had so many wonderful and creative entries at our Region Arts Showcase this year. Each artwork was created around the theme of "recycle" which was interpreted in a wide variety of mediums. Enjoy these photographs of the great pieces created by the Girl Guides in our Region. 

The artworks were viewed and voted on by the attendees of the Region Awards Day. The votes were collated and the winners decided by People's Choice.

The winners are announced below.











A huge congratulations to our winners!

For the individual entry, the award goes to Emily from St George West Bexley Ranger Guides, with her unique, working lamp.



For the Patrol entry, the award goes to the Kangaroo Paw Patrol from 1st West Bexley Junior Guides for their recycled fashion t-shirt bags.



Winners, you will be recieve your prizes by mail.


Thank you to everyone for another fantastic year of arts and craft!

We can't wait to see what you produce next year for the Girl Guides NSW & ACT's GirlMade competition!


Archery Training for Adults (July 2018)

Recently, Guiding members of SSRR (and even some Scouts) attended an archery training at our beautiful Karingal Campsite. It looks like they had an amazing time and learnt some new skills. Thank you to all who assisted in making this training possible.

Photographs by Jenelle - thank you for sharing!





High up, high on the Mountain we go to - Random (Region Property)

Guides have been having adventures and making friends at Random (our gorgeous Region property at Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains) for nearly seventy years. It is our very own Guide home. What fun has been shared there, walks, songs, meals and adventures in the bush the canyons and the mountain valleys. It is a still a place of wonder.

There is the astonishing view, it is ever changing and the clouds, the mountain mist and the sunsets are breath taking. You often see the caretaker lyre birds busily digging up the lawn. You might see a wallaby or a wombat beside the cottage.

You are sure to enjoy the songs of magpies and the little bush birds. At night the stars almost fall from the sky and you can explore this night world with our telescopes. From Random Guides can go further to the Jenolan Caves, horse riding in Megalong or to the glow worm tunnel.  



Ship, Snore 'n' Shore (June 2018)

Oatley Junior Guides experienced history fist hand when they visited the James Craig Tall Ship. Taking on the duties of sailors, they quickly got to work on the 19th century tall ship. Hauling cargo, swabbing the deck, tying knots, raising the sails and slinging hammocks. 





Lark in the Park (May 2018)

To be added.





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