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Resource websites for leaders

Girl Guides NSW & ACT Inclusion Support Resource website - http://www.specialneedsgirlguides.com.au (currently under construction)

Free Being Me - via Girl Guides NSW & ACT website
Playmeo - via Girl Guides NSW & ACT website (Members need to login to access this page)
UK Leaders' support & resources – www.guiders.co.uk
Becky’s Guiding Resource Centre – http://dragon.sleepdeprived.ca
The Guide Zone – http://guidezone.e-guiding.com
Scoutorama – www.scoutorama.com
Guiding Works - www.guidingworks.com
Gecko to Guide Leader - http://geckotheguideleader.weebly.com/
Outdoor Activities for Kids - http://www.aaastateofplay.com/beyond-the-playground-outdoor-activities-for-kids/


Resources for leaders


More Resources for leaders

Promise & Law - Activities for Unit Meetings
Promise & Law - Resources